Holiday Gift Guide

November 20, 2016

Hello good friends!


Following an INSANE election cycle, I am excited to take a break from it all and get into the holiday spirit. In fact my reward for working on my website today is a little holiday house decorating and baking! Since I often work weekends, I am eternally grateful to have two whole days off in a row without needing to be anywhere. Funny how the cold weather makes you want to sit in your PJs all day without washing your hair. That's right. I'm smelly today and my dog doesn't mind. 


Every year my family does a Christmas wish list-- I like to think it as a small sample size representation of what many American families hope to receive this year. For those of you who are getting started on your holiday shopping, here are some ideas:



Beauty items/gift cards

Bonus if you place the gift card in a nifty mirror compact, like this one from Sephora! Make-up can be a tricky one because we all have different taste and different skin tones. If you know what your mother/sister/daughter, etc. wants (I mean specifically, down to the number of the lipstick shade), go for it! Otherwise I find beauty store gift cards are always graciously accepted.




Essential oil diffuser and/or humidifier

We've graduated from weird microwaveable bean bags to serious winter weather relief: essential oil diffusers. These serve two purposes: tantalizing the senses with aromatherapy and increasing the moisture content of the air in your home. My favorite essential oils are lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for colds and sinus issues, and citrus for an energy boost. Another benefit of citrus is that it makes your house smell fresh and clean. In fact this study shows that people were more likely to place a higher value on a home that smelled like citrus! I personally own a Now brand diffuser that turns my bedroom into a spa. (Full disclosure: I have three diffusers all over the house because I am obsessed.)



Let's face it: most ladies enjoy handbags, jewelry, and accessories, but sometimes the good stuff is EXPENSIVE! If you can afford it, great! But you can also find great bargains and quality items at every price point. Personally, I rarely buy myself jewelry because I am frugal and don't see it as a necessary item. So when someone buys me what I consider a luxury item (even if it's inexpensive), I get to enjoy it without the accompanying anxiety that usually grips me when I "treat" myself. 



Shaving accessories and products

Along those same lines, sometime men don't want to drop a lot of cash on something that they don't have to splurge on. That's what makes quality shaving accessories and products such a great gift! No, he doesn't NEED a marble-handled razor, but think of how much longer it will last! The plastic Mach 3 handle can go with him when he travels and you can typically use the same store-bought blades with the newer handle. 


Other items in this category you might consider are beard balms, moisturizers, and shaving creams. 


Menswear Accessories

Ties, tie bars, cuff links, and socks all run the gamut of price points, but they can be affordable and meaningful. For example: engrave a tie bar with a significant date, a short quote, or initials. Monogrammed cuff links make for great gifts as well. These items are also especially perfect if the man you're buying for is celebrating a recent promotion or a new job that merits menswear accessories (hello fancy work wardrobe!). 


His drink of choice

Is it coffee, tea? How about whiskey? If it's all of the above, you're golden. Often you can lump the accessories and his drink of choice in a bundle. Think: a nice aged whiskey with a classy (engraved?) flask, or a unique whole bean coffee with a burr grinder. Put it all together in a basket or gift bag, and voila!


That's all I've got for now, I'm off to make some holiday magic happen!


What gift ideas do you have?


Until next time! x.


- C





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